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Wastewater treatment process shows that the circuit board cleaning wastewater by customer drainage system together, such as wastewater collection regulation pool, is homogeneous water do adjustment, before entering the basin suggest customer configuration within 3 mm grille net, avoid larger particles, gloves, cotton swabs, etc into the pool, affect the subsequent pumps, pipe network to work properly, the lift pump (or submersible sewage pump) by 0.5 T/h (1 T/h) largest ascend into integrated wastewater treatment equipment for processing, the integration of processing equipment, processing capacity of 10 T/day;At first, the wastewater is neutralized by PH. At present, the water sample becomes acidic, which is adjusted by adding lye under the control of PH meter to make the reaction between wastewater and lye become water neutral.To become a neutral waste water after oxidation reaction, cracking part of COD (raw water COD is relatively high, choose this process);The wastewater continues to react with the coagulant, so that the COD impurities in the wastewater react with the coagulant to produce small visible particles that are insoluble in water.The wastewater reacts with coagulant, the fine particles and impurities condense into a group, and the specific gravity is larger than that of water, and the static state is easy to precipitate.After the settleable wastewater is separated and clarified in the sedimentation tank, the supernatant liquid flow of the sedimentation tank is discharged into the sewage station in the park for further treatment, and the sundries trapped by the grid of the sludge and waste water collection tank in the sedimentation tank are periodically disposed.

Parts of circuit board sewage equipment are as follows:

1.1 main body of integrated sewage treatment equipment l3.0m * w1.5m * h3.0m;It contains neutralization reaction tank, oxidation reaction tank, coagulation reaction tank, coagulation reaction tank and clarification tank.

1.2 internal and external anticorrosion treatment of steel structure equipment;The exterior acrylic paint is anticorrosive.

2 lift pump (integrated in integrated equipment)

2.1 sewage lifting pump stainless steel self-priming pump (or submersible sewage pump), ifx25-13-0.55kw, Q=1T/h, h =15m

2.2 automatic control of high and low liquid level

2.3 lifting pump installation accessories pipe flange valve cable

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